Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BOOK: The Outlander by Gil Adamson

The Outlander by Gil Adamson, 384 pages

2nd Canadian Book Challenge

The lady on the cover, a widow by her own hand (I love that phrase!) is being chased across the wild west of Canada in 1903 by her (ex) twin brothers in law. There certainly wasn't a lot of support for women in those days for marriage counselling or post-partum depression. Not a lot of options for women.

This is part adventure, part history of mining and the west, and a beautiful love story. The widow, who barely gets a name, spends most of the book learning about herself. An ignored child of her widowed father, married off to the first guy who comes along, and then isolated and treated like a slave, she never really had a moment to be herself, by herself, until she is on the lam and living in the wild. She meets some helpful men along the way.

I could see this done as a movie, with lots of suspense and action and a love story that I really enjoyed. The last sentence was the only part that disappointed me, but I'll read that the way I'd like to, and then it becomes a great book.


Nicola said...

I think I saw this on the Canada Reads table at the library but honestly had no idea what it was about. Sounds great! I'm adding it to the List.

Joy said...

I have this one on my TBR list and really want to read it. Glad to see you enjoyed it.

Wendy said...

Glad to see this glowing review! I loved this book...and I think that last sentence is meant to keep open the possibility of a sequel (keeping my fingers crossed!).

Kailana said...

I have wanted to read this book for a while but haven't got around to it yet! It sounds good, though!

3M said...
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3M said...

I just got this from amazon for $5. I've been wanting to read it for awhile. Glad you liked it!