Friday, July 8, 2016

CHALLENGE: 10th Canadian Book Challenge

All in for the tenth!
Check out The Book Mine Set for more info and sign -ups. John is the best host for this, my favourite challenge (because it is the easiest). Except, John insists on reviews, which is the part I find hard. But  I understand how this encourages discussion. There are going to be prizes, and mini-challenges, and great Canadian books.

Books Read:
1. You Went Away - Timothy Findley
2. Rilla of Ingleside - LM Montgomery (audiobook)
3. The Night Bell - Inger Ash Wolfe
4. Shampoo Planet - Douglas Coupland
5. The Englishman's Boy - Guy Vanderhaeghe
6. Fifteen Dogs - Andre Alexis
7. The Wonder - Emma Donoghue
8. The Couple Next Door - Sharon Lapena (audiobook)
9. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd - Alan Bradley (audiobook)
10. A Great Reckoning - Louise Penny (audiobook)
11. The Illegal - Lawrence Hill
12. Canada - Mike Myers
13. Getting Over Edgar - Joan Barfoot
14. Family Matters - Rohinton Mistry
15. Captured Hearts: New Brunswick's War Brides - Melynda Jarratt
16. The End of the Alphabet - CS Richardson
17. David and Goliath  - Malcolm Gladwell
18. Hag-Seed - Margaret Atwood